Spend time with your partner

Would you like to fulfill a very special request this year? How about the most precious gift you and your partner can make? Your love – your time.

Between commitments, work and everyday concerns there is often little room for the most valuable: for the time together with the person you have chosen for your life. Would this be a better opportunity than Christmas?

With a voucher for a dance class you can prepare with little effort a great pleasure.

Perhaps you will deepen the intimacy of being together with a dance class, perhaps giving your love a new lease of life. In any case, you add a new facet to your life: a shared experience that you can share forever. And who knows, maybe in the future a whole new hobby will develop out of this?

Time for yourself and your partner to feel each other and rediscover each other: that is the greatest joy you can have at Christmas. Treat yourself to this wonderful gift this year. We look forward to you.

Dancing – give joy to life. What could be better than spending time with your partner? Give a dance class for Christmas and spend some beautiful hours together with your partner and let our trained ADTV instructors show you how easy the right dance moves are. Meet nice people and recharge your batteries. At least as important as dancing is your personal sense of well-being.

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